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Renowned Cannabis Speaker
& Nurse Coach


Private Cannabis Counselor / Wellness Nurse / Educator / Researcher / Public Speaker / Patient Advocate / Podcaster / HIPAA Compliant
Nurse Laura works with healthcare providers, patients, caregivers and dispensary staff to educate, inform, and collaborate to integrate all types of medicine and therapies to improve patient lives.
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Nurse Notes

Laura's Nurse Notes 
launched April 1st, 2022

What People Say

Testimonials about Nurse Laura and her services. 

Make a Difference Every Day
— Laura Barrett

First Testimony
Image by Avery Meeker

Thank you so much Nurse Laura, Mr. Smith is a new man! At 92 years old he is finally sleeping at night; he says he hasn't slept a night in almost forty years. We were trying to use the cannabis on our own but had no luck and kept getting him high but not sleepy. Working with you really helped us figure it out. Thank you!

— Caregiver

Hagerstown, Maryland

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