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Stand-alone Initial consultation

(One hour plus)

Cost 225.


Follow-up session

(Less than one hour each)

Cost 165. per session.

"Initial consultations are in-depth reviews of a patient’s medical history, current therapies, and goal setting. With cannabis consultations follow up is key as we start low and go slow. I need to see how each individual patient is going to respond to the therapy. I prefer to see patients at minimum three sessions." — Nurse Laura

Using my services is like hiring a personal trainer to work with you to help you meet your wellness/cannabis goals." — Nurse Laura


Recommended schedules and plans

Plan A - Three Sessions Total

— One Initial consultation session.

— One follow-up session within 2 to 3 weeks.

— One final session.

All within120 days.

Cost 500.

Plan B - Five Sessions Total

— One initial consultation session.

— One follow-up session within 2 to 3 weeks.

— Three remaining sessions.

All within one year.

Cost 750.

Plan C - Ten Sessions Total

— Initial consultation session.

— A follow-up session within 2 to 3 weeks.

— Remaining 8 sessions 1 to 3 months apart, normally

All within two years.

Cost 1395.

  • Custom plans can be arranged. 

  • Any unused package sessions at end of time period are forfeited unless extenuating circumstances necessitate an extension. 

  • Changes in health or medication regimen may affect scheduling. Patients may use an entire package in a short amount of time if needed.

Dispensary Coverage
for Cost of Services

Nurse Laura provides services, at no extra charge to the patient, in cooperation with with multiple MMCC program dispensaries. The dispensaries pay for Nurse Laura's services for their patients.


Compensation for Nurse Laura's time is covered according to the policies of each particular dispensary.




Blair Wellness – Baltimore

The Dispensary – Westminster

The Living Room – Pikesville 

Liberty – Rockville 

Liberty – Oxon Hill

Maggie’s A Liberty Joint – Hampden

Ethos – Catonsville

Ethos – Rockville

Ethos – Baltimore 

Summit Wellness Cannabis Dispensary 

– (Formerly Ethos) Catonsville

Waave Cannabis Medical Dispensary


Howard County dispensaries available upon specific patient request.

Be in touch to learn more.

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