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Nurse Laura's Services

For Patients
Cannabis education and consultation with an integrative approach that includes traditional medicine, non-pharmacological practices —and ongoing support.

For Dispensaries
Educational programs for dispensary agents, patient consultations on-site or by phone, and documentation for Commission on requirements.

For Healthcare Providers
Education and reference materials on medical cannabis, patient consultations on-site and by phone, educational events and conferences.

All Services

  • Private Patient Consultations

  • Dispensary Staff Training

  • Dispensary Business Consultations

  • Dispensary Staff Development

  • Patient Education

  • Caregiver Education

  • Provider Education

  • Nursing Education

  • Advocacy work with non-profits

  • Research partnerships with Universities

  • Public Speaking

  • Podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Scholarly Writing

  • Compliance related to cannabis recording per state

My Approach

Nurse Laura's Approach

Nurse Laura is balanced in her approach to cannabis and hemp as an integrated part of wellness. She studies the available research on the use of cannabis as medicine and works with her patients to weigh the benefits versus the risks for each of them. She creates individualized care plans using some well-known practices that her and her peers in the industry are working to standardize. 


Additionally, she provides training sessions with provider groups, nursing groups, and other healthcare professionals to deep dive into state-specific regulations, products, and accessibility to providers. Nurse Laura works closely with pharmacists, providers, and other nurses in the cannabis industry who have created valuable educational tools for healthcare professionals, patients, and dispensary staff. Her goal is to establish more consistency and reliability in the educational opportunities offered.


Although Nurse Laura is motivated to share the benefits of medical cannabis with anyone who will listen, she is objective enough to speak about the benefits and risks, possibility of drug interactions, research for and against use and provide education to colleagues or family members of patients on either side of the stigma related to cannabis as medicine.

Image by Rob Warner
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