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TJS - Patient

Anne Arundel County

I can hardly believe I have my own Cannabis Nurse and dispensary expert —on call. Nurse Laura has taught me so much that I'm embarrassed for believing that I knew something about safe and effective use of THC and CBD.


  • My arthritis pain barely bothers me anymore.

  • Incredibly, I spend less money at dispensaries due to Nurse Laura's guidance.

  • Sleep has become a pleasure instead of a torment.


  • I developed low-grade chronic anxiety during the pandemic. With Nurse Laura's guidance, it now takes only a tiny amount of THC to zap it whenever it creeps up. 


My personal world is brighter. I'm better able to help myself and help others.

G - Dispensary Patient

Reisterstown, Maryland

I had a very successful meeting with Nurse Laura today. She suggested several different products to address complications from my spinal cord injury. She is extremely knowledgeable about the available products, is up to date on new products, and helped me find them when my home dispensary did not carry them. I am very hopeful that these additions to my medication regime will help.


Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you again so much for taking the time to help me. I located the [product] at the [dispensary], and got in two doses yesterday, and three so far today. I am totally amazed at how much better I am feeling, and most importantly, I feel a sense of hope and relief that I have not felt in a long time.  I appreciate your listening to my story, and honing in on exactly what I needed. Yesterday, with each dose of my prescribed medicines, I took one [product]. I felt nearly out of pain. So today I took 1.5 [product] with the second and third doses of my pain meds, to see if I would feel even a little better, and I did :-)  


When I think about how so many other people beyond myself, could benefit from the kind of care and help you are offering, I want to spread the word. It's great to have medical cannabis available in Maryland, but the missing piece has always been that there are not many people at the dispensaries who have the depth of education, knowledge and experience to be as helpful as you've been.


Bottom line, I am so thankful for having found you!


She knows what she is doing and how to get you to your happy place. She is professional and I can't rave enough about her. She helped me find out that there is hope when it comes to mmcc. Thanks Laura!!! You can trust this nurse.


Hagerstown, Maryland

Thank you so much Nurse Laura, Mr. Smith is a new man! At 92 years old he is finally sleeping at night; he says he hasn't slept a night in almost forty years.


We were trying to use the cannabis on our own but had no luck and kept getting him high but not sleepy. Working with you really helped us figure it out.


Thank you!

SG - Patient


I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism and patience of Nurse Laura.

She has extensive knowledge and is available for any question

New Patient


I wish I knew about Nurse Laura when I started my cannabis journey!! In just one appointment, I learned more about how to address anxiety/panic disorder with cannabis than I learned in two years of trial and error guided by bud-tenders. I just started a daily, non-impairing regimen under Laura's guidance, and I can't wait to have my follow up. She has also been a great help to my mother with MS. Nurse Laura is simply a gem, I highly recommend her to anyone who is a medical cannabis patient.

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