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A logo is a funny thing …

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

It needs to be simple enough, able to print and market, yet should capture the essence of what it is representing.

An image of three mountain peaks with swirls, symbolizing roots, beneath it. A shining sun over the mountain tops. The image is in a circular shape.
Ask Nurse Laura Logo Design

With Ask Nurse Laura, the business (what the logo is representing) is me and my service.

With the help of a good friend, Trevor Kuchar, I brainstormed thoughts and things that were important to me. At the time, I had selected the name RN4Wellness for my business, and I was thinking about what wellness meant to me.

Some of the words that came to mind were: grounded, nature, earth, growing, peaks and valleys, life is like a hike, sunshine, light, rainbow after a storm, river runs through it, need for water, root, from the ground up.

With these words and phrases, Trevor captured a logo that describes not only my wellness business, but me in a non-photo image.

For me, having a strong foundation, roots, and being rooted in God, is the most important piece. With those roots I can climb the highest mountain, endure the highs and lows (ups and downs and rocky terrain), enjoys the sunny (happy) days and find the rainbow after the rain (storms in life). These storms, the rain, also provide the water to nourish, grow and make me stronger.

I hope this mindset flows through my work to encourage my patients on their journey to health.


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