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Medical Cannabis 101 with Nurse Laura: The Grit and Grind of Autism: Finding Light Along the Journey

"Laura is spearheading education of medical cannabis. From CBD and hemp oil to terpenes and cannabinoids she explains it all for parents and caregivers. We had a fantastic, educational discussion that will hopefully empower families to explore CBD and cannabis further as an avenue for their child’s healing. (for consultation)"

"Laura Barrett-Nutting, MBA, BSN, RN, better known as Nurse Laura, is a wellness and certified cannabis nurse who brings over 20 years of experience helping patients cope with critical illness and chronic disease. Her enthusiasm for wellness and integrative medicine led her to explore the multiple medical cannabinoid options available. Nurse Laura has worked in each of the plant touching cannabis fields: growing, processing and opening dispensaries, as well as sales, marketing, and compliance. Nurse Laura works with providers, patients, caregivers,and dispensary staff to educate, inform, and collaborate to find the best options for improving quality of life."

"Nurse Laura recently founded the National Clinical Director Consortium to support the role of the Clinical Directors across the country. This group works to ensure access to healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists and cannabis providers) knowledgeable in plant medicine for patients, dispensary staff, and other providers. Nurse Laura also serves on the Board for the Connor Sheffield Foundation promoting research and advocacy for medical cannabis."

"At home, Laura is in graduate school to earn her MSN and become a Nurse Practitioner. She is a single parent to two wonderful children with whom she loves to spend time. She loves outdoor activities, such as: hiking, gardening, golfing (learning) and skiing. When she must go inside, she often chooses dancing, cooking, and eating! She claims her faith is the key to her big smile!"

Additional Resources: (contact Nurse Laura for a discount code for classes) (registration for caregiver card & patient card in Maryland)


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